7th Australia-China Bilateral Dialogue on Resources and Energy Cooperation

WACPA representatives attended the 7th AustraliaChina Bilateral Dialogue on Resources and Energy Cooperation on Friday 6th Feb. Mr Chet Wang, the President of WACPA met with Mr Zhang Yuqing, Vice Administrator National Energy Administration and Mr Yang Lei, Deputy Director General, Oil and Gas Department, NEA. Some of the highlights are Energy Policy update and Trade and Investment update by both Chinese and Australian governments. Mr Lewis Lu, Chief Representative and Managing Director, CNOOC also provided the presentation on “Achievements and Outlook of SinoAus Win-win Cooperation in Gas Business”. The delegations enjoyed the dinner function at Mulberry on the Swan hosted by Mr John Ryan, Associate Secretary, Department of Industry and Science.

MR Yang Lei and Mr Chet Wang

Mr Zhang Yuqing and Ms Catherine Huang

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