Career Development in the Petroleum Industry Seminar

On the evening of 11th July, WACPA held a panel presentation on Career Development in the Petroleum Industry at the beautiful and historical Curtin Old Boys School on St George's Terrace. Three renowned and respected industry professionals, Mr Lewis Lu (Managing Director, CNOOC Australia), Mr Feng Xu Jian (Senior Geoscientist, Chevron) and Mr Donald Xie (Commercial Advisor, Chevron), shared their career development experiences and insight with an enthusiastic and diverse group of guests, from students to aspiring young professionals, to industry veterans. Each of the three speakers documented their work experiences chronologically and gave personal advice on job seeking and career development in the petroleum industry. Although the speakers' experiences and advice varied, there were common themes centered on building relationships and expanding networks, persistence during a tough market and, very importantly, spending time with loved ones and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The guests responded passionately with questions which generated discussions that would have lasted all night if there were no time restrictions.

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