Renewable technology in the WA energy market,Tuesday April 10th 2018

Western Australian has experienced a rapid uptake of solar PV systems coupled with a

more recent and growing adoption of battery storage technologies, which are predicated

to become widespread in just a few years. However challenges exist in regards to the

structure of the WA market and its ability to keeping pace with technological advances

and their implications for energy transmission and trading.

To address these topics, the Western Australia Chinese Petroleum Association hosted a

seminar on renewable technology in the WA energy market on Tuesday April 10th 2018

at Curtin University’s historic Old Perth Boys' School venue in central Perth.

The evening featured presentations by senior representatives of two of Australia’s

leading organisations in the renewable energy sector: Ms Rebecca Elshaw, Commercial

Sales Manager, Infinite Energy and Professor San Ping Jiang, John Curtin Distinguished

Professor and Deputy Director of the Fuels and Energy Technology Institute, Curtin


Ms Elshaw provided a comprehensive overview on the WA electricity market and the

state of the solar industry. The various power generation sources and energy trading

agreements were compared and contrasted. Importantly the ever growing uptake of

solar PV systems for residential and commercial premises was highlighted as individuals

and business rapidly adopt self-generation via solar systems as a means to reduce

energy costs and pollution amidst generous subsidies, falling equipment costs and

flexible financing options.

Professor Jiang discussed batteries, fuel cells and other electrochemistry energy storage

and conversion technologies in his presentation on the latest state of the industry. Of

particular interest was various breakthroughs in fuel cell technology which have the

potential to convert liquid fuels to electricity with less waste materials and environmental

issues when compared to battery technologies as well as conventional petroleum based


The forum was attended by a diverse range of companies including engineering,

universities, petroleum, legal, financial and technical consulting firms.

The event was co-hosted by the Western Australia Chinese Petroleum Association

(WACPA), Western Australia Chinese Scientists' Association (WACSA) and and the

Western Australia Chinese Engineers Association (WACEA). This event was also proudly

sponsored by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC).

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