2020 Oil & Gas Careers Webinar

The Western Australia Chinese Petroleum Association (WACPA) held a job hunting Zoom webinar to assist Chinese graduates and final year students secure a start to their careers in these challenging times. The event is the only one of its kind in recent times for WA specifically targeted towards Chinese graduates and students in the petroleum sector.

Three young professionals of Chinese background shared their contemporary experiences in the sector:

  • Joy Pan, Project Engineer, Woodside Energy

  • Michael Li, Mechanical Engineer, Nihar Associates

  • Guanghan Chu, Field Engineer, Halliburton

Valuable knowledge and advice shared at the event covered various methods to identify direct and hidden job opportunities, interview tips, inside knowledge into graduate programs, companies to consider beyond traditional operators, networking and migration issues.

Joy Pan's presentation

Ample opportunity was provided for the audience to pose questions related to their individual situations, generating valuable conversation and insights for the broader audience.

Michael Li's presentation

Key takeaways from the seminar were:

  • Think broadly about the roles and companies your skills can benefit

  • Seek out various modes of networking

  • Cultivate ways of confidently communicating during interviews

  • Consider how to develop applicable knowledge in new forms of energy

  • Seek out volunteer, industry association, unpaid internships to enhance your working track record

Guanghan Chu's presentation

The WACPA would like to thank committee members Alan Wang, Zhen Li, Phoebe Wan for their hard work and dedication in organising the event. The WACPA would also like to thank the WA Chinese Engineering Association for their support.

Enquiries: events@wacpa.com.au

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