Second Successful Virtual Australia-China Networking

The WACPA held it's second successful cross border networking event this evening to exchange ideas, forge relationships and explore opportunities for collaboration between China and Australia. Participating companies included Woodside, COOEC, Driver Trett, Chongqing Petroleum and Gas Exchange, Hudong Zhonghua, Schlumberger, ACBC, HSF, Curtin University, Santos, Nihar among others.

Complete with breakout rooms and rotated mingling, the initiative provided an effective forum for bridging new relationships and exchanging ideas and insight in the challenging times we face. Pictured is presenter Mal Cooke, founder and director of Neometric. Mal delivered a compelling keynote speech "The opportunity of conflict – identifying the real villain" introducing an innovative collaborative framework to help parties to contracts identify the real villain present in conflict experienced in the oil and gas sector.

The WACPA would like to thanks Mal, committee members Mary Zhou, Roger Li, Alan Zhang and our industry colleagues from China and Australia for making the event another successful episode in supporting positive links between our two great nations.

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