The 2018 Australia-China LNG Forum a Huge Success

8th- 9th October 2018

Perth Convention Centre, Western Australia

2018 marked another successful year for the Australia-China LNG Forum. With the overall theme of “Delivering Through Collaboration”, this year’s forum attracted over 120 key stakeholders from Australian, Chinese and international firms involved in the well-established and every-growing LNG trade relationship between Australia and China. Attendees included government officials, policymakers, state and private companies involved in all stages of the LNG value chain.


China is currently experiencing severe gas shortages due to a strong push to use clean energy. China LNG imports are experiencing double-digit growth and will continue in the next five to ten years to become the largest LNG importer in the world. Conversely, Australia is on track to become the world’s largest LNG exporter, with significant un-committed and un-developed gas resources, as well as favorable proximity to Asian markets. With this in mind the Australia-China LNG forum has been an important platform for discussing the abundance of collaboration opportunities for both Australian and Chinese enterprises involved in the sector.


The West Australian Minister for Mines and Petroleum; Commerce and Industrial Relations; Electoral Affairs; Asian Engagement, the Hon. Bill Johnston MLA represented the WA Premier and officially opened the event. Minister Johnston highlighted the WA Government’s recently established LNG Jobs Taskforce, aimed at establishing Perth as an international LNG hub which would support among other things export oriented operations in a similar fashion to Aberdeen and Houston.

西澳大利亚州矿业和石油,商业和劳资关系,选举事务, 亚洲事务部长约翰斯顿(Bill Johnston) 代表西澳州长致开幕辞。约翰斯顿部长强调了西澳政府最近成立的液化天然气特别工作组,旨在将珀斯建成一个国际液化天然气中心,以支持出口导向型业务,其方式与阿伯丁和休斯顿类似。

Following the opening address, the first day of the conference focused on the outlook for the bilateral LNG trade relationship between the two countries as well as contractual and finance topics. Keynote addresses were delivered by the Hon. Colin Barnett, former West Australia Premier and Hu Weiping, President of the Chinese Overseas Development Association (CODA). Mr Barnett highlighted the potential benefits of developing an LNG project in Australia with China being the foundation customer, as well as urging would be operators to carefully consider environmental and heritage issues when selected any future project sites in WA, given past challenges. Mr Hu spoke on the needs of China's LNG industry and current government policies. He proposed that both China and Australia establish a more effective LNG price system to improve transaction efficiency.

会议的第一天重点讨论了两国双边液化天然气贸易关系的前景,合同和金融主题。前西澳大利亚州总理科林巴内特和中国海外发展协会(CODA)主席胡卫平分别致辞。 巴内特先生强调了以中国作为基础客户开发澳大利亚液化天然气项目的潜在好处,并敦促运营商在选择未来项目地点时,应仔细考虑环境和土著文化遗产问题。胡先生谈到了中国液化天然气行业的需求和当前的政府政策。他建议中国和澳大利亚建立更有效的液化天然气价格体系,以提高交易效率。

The conference’s second day focused on LNG processing, shipping and marine fuel with particular interest in the LNG fuel technology for shipping. The conference concluded with a panel discussion featuring industry experts from CODA, Hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding, the North West Shelf Joint Venture, ICBC and the LNG Marine Fuel Institute as well as the Hon. Colin Barnett.


Organised by the Western Australia Chinese Petroleum Association (WACPA) with the support of CODA, ACBC, CCCA, Australia-China LNG Fund and LNG Marine Fuel Institute, the 2018 Australia-China LNG Forum main objective was to bring together Australia and China LNG players again to further enhance win-win collaborations for delivering LNG and high investment returns.

2018年澳中液化天然气论坛由西澳大利亚中国石油协会(WACPA)主办, 并得到CODA,ACBC,CCCA,澳中液化天然气基金和液化天然气船舶燃料研究所的支持。该论坛的主要目标是汇集澳大利亚和中国的液化天然气企业再次进一步加强双赢合作,并提供液化天然气和高投资回报。

Please click here to view the event brochure, and click here to view more events photos.

Colin Barnett

Colin Barnett

Bill Johnston

Hu Weiping

From left to right: Jason Zhao, Hu Weiping, Colin Barnett, Calvin Duan, JianLiang Chen, Tysun Chan, David Cullen, Liu Bing, Walter Purio

From left to right: Colin Barnett, Calvin Duan, JianLiang Chen, Tysun Chan

From left to right: XuJian Feng, Hu Weiping, Tony Brooks, Colin Barnett, JianLiang Chen, Walter Purio, Lewis Lu

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